Shop management needs to be based on long term

to do business if only in front of the interests of the interests of such a business, I am afraid there will be no long-term development, want to do better is extremely difficult. So, do business to do a good job at present, based on long-term". This sentence may seem to understand each retail customers, but there are a lot of people are accustomed to quick to do something in the actual operation, only the immediate petty profits, and give up the operating principle of long. Shrewd businessmen should be broad vision, based on the long term, to establish their own righteousness, integrity of the image, so as to impress customers, establish a good business image.

one day, in a hotel to a guest, he a person a table of dishes, and a bottle of wine, after paying the money, drink alone there, perhaps is the heart of something or what, after the man put the bottle of wine to drink, but drunk in, no longer stand up. At that time, the shop owner did not think, a waiter take this look young, wearing a general "drunkard" stand out, throw in the side of the road.

he did not know that this man is a famous local private entrepreneurs, two days ago was a pit of a return, the loss of hundreds of thousands, a man went to the place to drink. After shortly after, the boss to stage a comeback, he often put it as a negative example to tell their employees and friends. The final result of the hotel is also conceivable.

city of Edmonton Road Xinxin yuan famous smoke shop owner Hu Jungang opened soon encountered a problem. Because of the tight supply of cigarettes, the supply of cigarettes per volume is not large, coupled with their opening time is not long, low level, the source is stretched. At this time, there is some kind of peer to remind him kindly, now are so nervous, your level is low, the tobacco inspectors seized up, the most was sent a little money, also can’t lower level, why not some counterfeit cigarettes in genuine doped sell inside make him a pen by this opportunity?

Hu boss is very serious to these good people, said that we do business is to make money, to consider the long-term, rather than immediate interests, like you do, not deliberately hit their own signs. In the case of tight supply, Hu boss actively organize sources, looking for alternative brands of tight cigarettes. Due to the good faith management Hu boss, around come down a good reputation, and actively cooperate with the tobacco companies to cultivate new products, increase the supply of cigarette retail customers, now Hu Jun, this street has become the highest level of retail customer delivery.

early hard work, and not to get a little bit of interest in the beginning of the withdrawal, yes, the shop to engage in business, the picture is a long-term business, rather than the immediate interests of the moment. From the above examples can be seen, the owner of the hotel because of snobbish offending customers and make your own business is on the road to ruin, and a retail customers, to give up because of.

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