Chenguang stationery shop the whole to join worry

in fact, in our lives, the children’s market opportunities are very good. Today, the cause of education is very busy, small business choose to join the stationery market, is also very worthy of joining it? Chenguang stationery? High quality entrepreneurial projects, successful entrepreneurs to choose to join the dawn stationery bar!

Shanghai Chenguang stationery Limited by Share Ltd located in Shanghai city Fengxian District green town bright economic zone, the company covers an area of 260 acres, is an integrated creative value and manufacturing advantages, comprehensive stationery Group specializes in stationery industry. Dawn is committed to providing a comfortable, interesting, environmentally friendly, cost-effective stationery, products cover all kinds of writing tools, tools, books, desktop supplies, etc.. Here we take a look at the specific color of the wholesale price of stationery!

Chenguang Stationery Co., Ltd. is an integrated creative value and manufacturing advantages, focusing on the cause of stationery stationery group. The morning light offers a comfortable, fun writing tool that allows people to enjoy writing and inspiring creativity as a business mission. At the same time, Chenguang stationery will assume the responsibility of enterprises as the world’s citizens, and strive to use environmentally friendly materials and manufacturing methods for the earth’s environmental protection and the establishment of a recycling economy to contribute to the community.

"dawn always has a new idea" is M& the core value of G Chenguang, but also to maintain the edge of the sun, a key factor in the world class brand. Chenguang stationery joined the global creative studio has a strong international vision and world-class multinational team of designers, design, from the consumer value products of industrial design, mold development to product brand image design, the establishment of the industry of the one and only " design system", makes the morning can quickly bring ideas into products.

every child to learn is to use stationery, small business choice to join the morning stationery project, opened a stationery store belonging to their own dawn, shop is earned! Business is good, business worries, worthy of trust!

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