Crown princess was offline network drama field or rectification

recently exposed to the network as the popular music TV drama Crown Princess promotion was broadcast offline requirements. Together with the shelves there are six other drama. This may indicate that the relevant departments will be carried out in the field of network drama rectification specification.

1 on the 21 pm news, music as homemade network drama "Princess promotion" yesterday offline by many users attention, LETV today issued a statement saying the play content is optimized, will soon be back online.

At the same time were

The following is the full text of the statement

fans, LETV membershipSince the

the first music as homemade network drama "Princess promotion" launched to obtain the majority of enthusiastic fans and media attention and favorable, playing nearly 2 billion 700 million in the record, 2 billion 680 million micro-blog read the topic of a number of records at the same time, the subversion of the Internet drama production, marketing, traditional broadcast model, achieved unprecedented pay attention to.

"Princess promotion" part is doing optimization, we will be back, will soon be back online and meet you. Welcome to continue to focus on the other just released the music as homemade sleeping on my upper brother.

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