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menstrual cup how to use


type folding method, this method is not only all common, because the hands folded other stupid tricks, because this method is easily screwed to the folded inside the vagina when in use, and then put in menstrual cup is relatively easy to start, but each person’s vagina size is different therefore, when in use, according to their convenient method.

How to use the

menstrual cup? For menstrual cup, many female friends are not familiar with, and don’t mention how to use, use of the menstrual cup is very simple, the above content has been described in detail, I hope to help you with the sanitary napkin, menstrual cups are different, but special articles used in the menstrual period of women.

when the cup is placed inside the vagina after menstruation, menstruation must let the cup inside the body, it is very important that under normal circumstances, the menstrual cup itself has elasticity, therefore, is their natural menstrual cup can open, but in order to confirm the best one, just in case, to start a menstrual cup confirmation method is simple, the finger, see if you can feel the small funnel bottom with the menstrual cup if the pinch fingers open, tight, when hand, in vivo is not open, if so, the amount of leakage of blood flow will be very serious.

is the female menstrual cup when menstruation will be used for goods, of course, when menstruation and sanitary napkins or tampons of various options, each of which supplies make up less than two There are both advantages and disadvantages., another kind of activities, when a business trip or travel to menstruation, and the large amount of exercise and water not convenient when conditions such as menstrual cup is a good choice, then, how to use the menstrual cup

menstrual cup is a funnel-shaped, and is very flexible, when in use to menstrual cup for size folding, folding method is not limited to, after folding, and the size of the tampon is almost as large as the menstrual cup, so when in use in the vagina is easy the.

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