Aquarium is also an opportunity

is now a lot of families have aquarium pot, one to appreciate, two is to purify the air, but many consumers have never thought it could become an opportunity. Michelle  Inciarrano and KatyMaslow by virtue of their unique vision, by virtue of the aquarium pot sales, to achieve their dream of becoming rich!

Michelle  Inciarrano and KatyMaslow created Twig  in the city of New York Brook forest; Terrariums company, the company sells various kinds of aquarium bonsai works to the customer, and accept customer’s personalized custom, in addition, they also operate aquarium bonsai production tools and provide training for aquarium bonsai lovers.


Inciarrano and Maslow are good friends since childhood, and later lost contact in a period of time. After a chance coincidence, the two people through a common friend between them and get together again. Since then, the two of them will be inseparable, because they are full of interest in handmade products, they together made a lot of greeting cards, bookmarks and other small items. Maslow said: "we made a lot of things together, these things, we like the most is the aquarium bonsai. This is due to the rise of Michelle." Since then, two people on the production of aquatic bonsai has a strong interest, they began to produce a variety of themes of the aquarium bonsai. In 2010, two people finally decided to sell their work.


Maslow explained to us why they are so fond of the aquarium, said: "it can not only bring us pleasure, but also beneficial to physical and mental health. This is a very good cooperation, can make people realize the importance of mutual cooperation. The utility model has the advantages of wide use, and can bring great pleasure to people."

two in the initial start-up time carefully. They had a very detailed consultation with a professor at the Inciarrano college where they were studying to make sure all of their budgets were used properly. In addition, prior to the official launch, they consider the numerous types of trademarks and the company’s name.

from scratch

the beginning, their office in their apartment, after a period of time, two people rented an area of approximately 300 square feet of the garage, and continue to make bonsai in there. After a period of time, once again they transform the office, this time, they rented a 900 sq ft store in Brook, in here, they in addition to selling his work, can also provide training for bonsai enthusiasts service.

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