Caring for children

army Camry indoor environmental charity activities

— "Children’s Day" gifts for the children of

2012 in May 26th, the army set up a Camry for the Qing Dynasty century group home baby nursery children sent to love, sent to health, and once again to help kindergarten children’s paradise to protect the net. This is the 61 children’s day in the beauty Chuangjia to give children a special gift of health. Let all the children be in a clean environment to grow healthily and happily in the success Americans expect. In our company, "caring for children refuse pollution" activities, the person in charge of TsingDa century group, China’s famous one with three master professor Su Wentong and the parents of our love have expressed gratitude to a good in charity activities do not burst.

in a good soldier with the sense of responsibility and mission, with many years of experience in environmental protection and first-class R & D team to develop targeted function room (car) in the environment of net service products, with consistent credit and will quickly become the industry leader, widely praised by the customers.

services in the US by trained technicians and driven around, because of good quality and excellent technology has won the respect of customers, offices, family support net, car air quality reached the national standard, to be worthy of the name customers cordial call: "room (car) air pollution in the terminator". The army hit the Camry’s agents are also actively respond to and promote the health of China’s 2012 Chinese people’s love project activities. Keep in mind the army to create the best of the Department of training, respect for the days of love, to be honest, humble heart to work, advocating the natural health love life, love the work love the company love the motherland. Return society.

At present in the

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