Hidden in the breast cancer on the signal female health network

1 breast grow dimple to earth crumbles. Professor Xu Binghe said that many diseases are caused by breast shape change, leading to tumor, breast skin hair follicles punctate depressions, orange peel like or dimple like change. The most common including fibroadenoma, and tuberculosis, fibrocystic hyperplasia, sarcoma, breast cancer, and fat necrosis.

3 swell. You should be very careful when there is a lump in your breast! Most of the masses with slow growth and obvious pain are benign hyperplasia or inflammation. The rapid growth of the tumor and the unclear boundary of the tumor need to be checked.

4 nipple and areola color deepened, and surrounded by double nipple and areola itching. Breast examination can be found in bilateral or unilateral breast hyperplasia or cystic hyperplasia lesions. The nipple and areola color deepened that estrogen levels increased as the target organ of breast lesion. Experts advise that regular examination is the basic method of early detection of breast lesions. Women over the age of 40 should be a year to do a clinical examination and mammography, if necessary, an increase in B ultrasound examination. 18 – to – 39 – year – old women should be self – Testing for about 1 months, about 3 years to do a clinical examination or breast B ultrasound examination. The best time to self test is one week after the end of menstruation; postmenopausal women can be fixed on a day of each month.

2 has a pushing mass. In the breast to touch the texture tough, smooth surface, clear boundaries, easy to drive things, while the slow growth, no other feeling, may be adenoma. The boundary of tuberculosis and hyperplasia is not clear. The boundary of the tumor is not clear, it also has a characteristic, that is, the surrounding tissue adhesion, nipple will overflow, axillary lymph node enlargement.

breast is the first focus of women’s body, is an important element of the curve of the United States, its shape also reflects the health of women. Deputy director of the tumor hospital of China Academy of Medical Sciences China Association for breast cancer Specialized Committee vice chairman Xu to the professor told "life times" reporter, women should pay close attention to changes in the shape of breast, breast care through life.

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