Wang Zhaoming sold billions worth of total net weeds

although the success of many cases, however, billions of wealth is not a small sum of money, and the hero of this article has achieved such a great wealth, but also through the sale of wild flowers". He was a shepherd, the flower from the night market started, through years of improvement and cultivation, as the hometown of "weeds" sold all over the country, and has won the CCTV "Chinese economic person of the year", "National Drought resistant plant application Contribution Award" honor. Today, called the first person in China, he is the president of listed companies, market capitalization of more than 7 billion yuan! However, when others envy him to earn a lot of money, he said: "I earned a gray hair."

deeply shocked, flower Lang turned green

1971, Wang Zhaoming was born in Inner Mongolia Wulatezhongqi a shepherd and sheep with small family. In 7 of them, the day was very poor. In order to change the fate of the sheep baby, Wang Zhaoming hard to study, after 4 consecutive years to participate in the college entrance examination, and finally admitted to Inner Mongolia Agricultural University in 1993.

University, in order to reduce the burden on the family, Wang Zhaoming insisted tricycle tricycle flowers. The flower is on the tricycle is rented, every weekend in the morning he went out. Spend the day to sell, he was in the square night market stall late into the night……

Wang Zhaoming mind flexible, in 1997 when he graduated from college, has 3 stores in Hohhot, with an annual income of $eighty thousand or ninety thousand. He gave up the opportunity to work in government agencies, ready to develop their own flowers, flowers, fragrant cause".

Wang Zhaoming in their boss identity when one day, y satisfied or contented, Wang Zhaoming at the florist to help customers to move the car to hear female customer pots, seven or eight year old daughter said: "you must Study hard, otherwise, go to the flower like this uncle who grew up." Wang Zhaoming was stunned, I struggled for a few years before the city has its own shop, I did not expect in the eyes of others, I still do not have much of a small vendor!"

Wang Zhaoming’s heart has been a great shock, he was determined to make a people look forward to the cause of. At this time, the rise of urban greening, Wang Zhaoming spotted the opportunity to decisively transfer the florist. In 2001, he set up a landscaping company in Hohhot.

started, small company reputation strength is weak, but Wang Zhaoming was in a competition with others, played a beautiful The weak overcame the strong. war. On one occasion, Wang Zhaoming to participate in the tender green, party a bid for the price of 18 yuan per square meter turf, it was reported a square of $15, it was reported a square. When it comes to Wang Zhaoming, he wrote in the tender: "my price is 8 yuan a square, how much money can be done, you set on the line, how much money to recommend

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