Baidu team entrepreneurial learning with technology reform

for entrepreneurship, everyone has their own plans, have their own established path. Have you ever been in high school for 3 years to do a number of questions? There is a data worthy of reference: if the average of each piece of A4 paper is about 0.15 mm, a 3 – year high school student do the examination paper of about 2.41 meters, if the page papers of 10 questions, probably 160 thousand questions, a daily average of 147 questions.

this is Lin Zhen in the first half of this year business statistics from a data. At the beginning of this year, Lin Zhen Iqiyi or the Secretary of the board of directors, strategic cooperation and investment director, participate in Baidu for Iqiyi’s acquisition of PPS, a final project forest Jeong do, then he plunged into a strange new field of online education.

this is Lin Ching and his buddies want to do, this is an early work at Baidu team, they founded a company called "happy learning" (, K12 (primary school education in the first grade to grade 12, that is, the stage of basic education) is a technology oriented company, hope to use big data to change education.

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