After 80 T white collar workers are too high intermediary agency to resign their own agency

for 80, the working group of the real is not easy, because of the unfamiliar, so rent a house only to find the intermediary, and intermediary fee is now more than a year, a pair of 80 couples due to the high cost of their intermediary Office of the intermediary company.

"now the property market is fire, a dial-up wave to open stores, we have a well-known IT company a monthly income of twenty thousand white-collar couples resigned to do real estate intermediary!" Yuxing real estate a real estate broker, broke the news to reporters. According to the clues, the reporter found Hangzhou West Road West China Shenhua Guangyu real estate door which opened only half of the intermediary stores.

80 couples from the famous IT company

"why didn’t you want to have a person to venture out, another person to stay in the work?" In the face of the reporter’s question, Dong Dong said: I think this piece of real estate is still very potential, so long, but also want to come out of their own business, to do it is necessary to do." From the real estate industry has been talking about the economic situation, the economic situation, Dong has his own views. Xiao Cai was added in the side: he is very simple, the first day to resign, second days really ran to resign."

and decide on their "impulse", my colleague is most supportive. "They all agree, I think young people do poineering work very well." Xiao Dong said, while the Department was in charge of Tsai then let her reconsider.

intermediary because housing is too difficult to recommend "

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