Shop more than one eye can eat less deficit

open a retail store, earn this is a little money, if not careful, there are very large losses to the economy. Therefore, the shop also requires a lot of heart, so that we can eat a little loss. After all, what kind of people we shop can be met, a little inattentive not being cheated is stolen, numerous liars and thieves approach, is simply impossible to guard against you.

remember last week, a female customer near my shop, said to be the trustee to do something want to send wine, said at the time she account, if the gift to send a word is to me. Because she often visit my shop before, although I am thinking that she can be glib mouth and hold it she have lobbied for her, and her dress is not money, is the most assured her family lived in front of my shop a little. So I did not give her a long heart, I did not expect a drag is a few months, did not see the figure.

I saw her in the road opposite the cigarette and liquor vendor walked out in a chance, I hurried past, probably she saw me and turned to leave, I’ll go and ask her to go and why, because the boss is very familiar with, she told me that she is to get cigarettes the boss, I let the boss took over the smoke just to look at the 5 Chinese soft all my store mark, I made a fool…… At that time, I still have a trace of her heart, she always gave me here.

over time still did not see her coming, I was very upset, so I went to her house to see, I did not expect her house had been the bank auction, then I see light suddenly, she was premeditated she account not also.

now is because many shopkeepers are acquaintances, not refuse, my heart also think so boldly assured that there are a lot of credit, eventually eat their losses. In fact, acquaintances also cheat, but also cheat you did not discuss. After this incident, I don’t know much about the customer will not give credit to acquaintances on credit, the credit of the people have a mobile phone number, but also let the credit of the people own signature for the maximum not more than 50 yuan. The author here to remind each peer: more than one eye loss!

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