China’s overall kitchen ten brands list the whole

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economic conditions, let consumers begin to pay attention to the kitchen environment clean and tidy, many consumers love quality. Therefore, many people choose to drive the development of the whole kitchen, the whole kitchen market, the following Xiaobian to introduce you to our whole kitchen ten big brand rankings, help consumers better choose a whole kitchen brand.

1, Haier whole kitchen

2, Optima whole kitchen

3, the whole kitchen kitchen

ecoh "project the first kitchen products suppliers

4, MK Xin Ya whole kitchen

5, cherry whole kitchen

Sakura (Chinese) Limited by Share Ltd, the whole kitchen ten brands, lampblack machine – gas stove gas water heater ten brands, ten brands, famous brand in Jiangsu Province, the country’s most quality assurance brand, Jiangsu province Consumers Association recommended products, high-tech enterprises, foreign-funded enterprises of advanced technology

6, the beauty of the overall kitchen

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