Entrepreneurs learn from McDonald’s franchise experience to create wealth more easily

in today’s society, the fast food franchise business is hot, won a lot of investors, now the catering industry giant McDonald’s, will be sold in the China business, now the Chinese food and beverage market in foreign food is very common, many have the intention to join the chain catering business, in fact, can learn from McDonald’s experience, better shop wealth.

McDonald’s sale of domestic business, including the mainland and Hongkong shops, is expected to cost more than $2 billion. The move is also in response to its earlier this year announced the introduction of strategic investors, McDonald’s decision to introduce strategic investors, the main purpose is to increase the proportion of its franchise restaurant.

McDonald’s mode of operation, franchising is the main model of its profitability. There is great difference with the traditional franchise franchise model, the first McDonald’s site shop, then transferred to the operation in good condition to other investors, this part of the transfer of profit is much higher than that of its own business stores.

and, the transfer fee of each restaurant is as high as 8 million yuan, and in the subsequent business process also need to take out from the sales of royalties as a royalty of 6%.

McDonald’s this model, but also for China’s food and beverage industry has brought new business philosophy.

according to the analysis of China’s food industry chain business model analysis report, China’s catering industry in recent years, the scale of sales steadily expanding, has more than 3 trillion yuan.

and dining area brand consciousness gradually strengthened, and let the chain business has gradually become the trend: copycat, AVA Mao Hotel, have formed a brand, and increase in the number of stores.

for the chain catering industry, business model is particularly important. The brand on the market, but also to a large extent can learn from McDonald’s mode of operation. The owner of the brand through the link and control the core technology, is located in the upper reaches of the value chain, and then through the mature operating system, stores will create a high rate of return of the money machine, for investors, who joined the recognition, and access to capital premium.

McDonald’s this mature system, but it includes more than twenty thousand kinds of soft and hard technology, its operating procedures manual has more than and 500 industries. Including the distribution of sesame seeds in Hamburg on the embryo, the size of the bubble inside, 10 minutes to sell the food can not afford to lose. It is precisely these strict standards of food and beverage production, which attracted a large number of users. In addition, after the success of attracting customers, and then the main push its cheap but lucrative Coca-Cola and French fries, 6 yuan of coke has a net profit of $4.5, which has a great attraction for the franchisee.

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