Do pregnant infant industry as the preferred investment business

whether it is to provide physical services for consumers, such as infants and pregnant or Yuesao, the industry business, such as professional’s service brand, with attention to infants and pregnant, this market is more and more big. However, this Chinese started after all relatively late, the market can really be consumer satisfaction with the brand is not much, so do business investment, become the preferred pregnant infant industry!

in the fruit lake area of Wuchang, few people do not know ‘Yuesao service center, service center is the leader of the Wang Ling. Her hand under more than one hundred Yuesao, most of which each month schedule is full to the brim, no booking customers had failed". Today’s Wang Ling, already well versed in pregnant and infant industry business. However, few people know, just to get involved in the Yuesao line was, she is just a medical graduate female students, also unmarried.

opened a few days, the store did not receive business. One day, a shy young man pushed open the door, politely asked Wang Ling, "here is not dating?" Wang Ling one Leng, "we do not Yuesao, marriage." The young man was puzzled: "gold" is not a matchmaker mean?"

pregnant baby industry has great potential

"poison milk powder" incident, Jiangcheng prolactin division industry suddenly fire up, Wang Ling senior Yuesao institutions can also learn the relevant technology >

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