And ADS dating you never thought of business opportunities

now Xi president came to power, a lot of style feel a little change, but there is no doubt that the community for more attention to AIDS, especially the mother of Peng Liyuan, but also personally shooting public service ads. But have you ever thought about it? And AIDS patients to date, can also become a chance to become rich!

1) and AIDS patients dating: with an AIDS source dating, the idea how? If you are not AIDS patients, may not want to think. But if you’re an AIDS patient, it might sound like a different idea. The target market can be really accurate, enough to make.

2) fitness cards: a set of cards, each card printed on a fitness method, and then sold on the Internet, a card 18.95 dollars. Who will buy it? I don’t buy it. But a fitness trainer on the Internet last year to sell 4 million 700 thousand dollars this card.

3) diapers diapers: many mothers have to take a few diapers out on the road to give the child a good time. But the general use of the backpack, such as handbags are not necessarily suitable for diapers to take out is not convenient. Some people built a website to sell diapers backpack, also divided into 22 categories. Opened in 2005, sold $180 thousand.

4 (game) joystick: designed to create a more comfortable to use, can absorb sweat, hands are not tired of the game joystick to sell on the internet. This product is not only very popular, but also into the supermarket.

5) wishing bone: Westerners have a tradition, Thanksgiving time to take a turkey bones two people pull, who dragged to a relatively long period, who wishes can be achieved. How many pieces of Turkey can you get in a year? Some people sell fake plastic on the internet. Who bought it? But people now produce 30 thousand a day.

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