Venture to join the road hard careful trap easy to ignore

in the business on the road, it is inevitable to have some bumps, rather than stumbling, rather than a small "lure and trap"? But what kind of trap is easily overlooked?

1, the "measures" of the franchisor franchising qualifications to do a more clearly defined. Is "2 + 1" provisions: two outlets, more than a year of business performance. They have no outlets outlets or holding, only a few model shop, that is a child care, if you want to see other stores, the answer: sorry, no business! In fact, in the management of the store is not a bad franchise. Companies registered less than a year, not to mention the performance and management experience, in other words, they do not have franchise qualifications.

3, hype, not hesitate to use deception means to collect the deposit, and then pay "brand maintenance fee" to purchase a certain number of return, purchase quantity not naturally can not return! Finally, the rental deposit, said the rent is more than 40 thousand yuan to the headquarters of the goods, in fact, the purchase of 60 percent off, in other words.

4, the contract terms are ambiguous, with no trap: qualification who signed the contract after a problem that the person signing the contract will disappear, no action to join the chamber of commerce. This is the most cruel trick!

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