China plans to start bidding for the World Cup sports industry and then meet the tuyere


for the people, can hold the world cup is an honor, there is an urgent desire Chinese hosting the world cup, and to promote the plan requires planning, especially the domestic sports industry will usher in a new round of challenges.

in February 27th this year, the central comprehensive deepening reform and the tenth meeting of the leading group, to consider the overall scheme of "Chinese football reform".

1) event operations marketing company with core competitiveness: Lehman photoelectric, joint travel, sports industry, Jiangsu sainty;

2) sports media company: LETV, hualubaina;

3) sporting goods company: Pathfinder, guirenniao, SBS shares. At the same time, concerned about the proposal of sports tourism related to the subject: CYTS, Mount Emei A.


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