The chain store aspect must not smoke and mirrors

investment shop, the location is very important, for the chain store we have many things to learn to master the key points, do not smoke and mirrors, let Xiaobian to introduce you.

location evaluation function is the most direct what? In one word, one step is three!

the same values, different location, your business may be a lot of difference. This is why some people say to me, we opened a shop in a certain district, then turn off the District, not the result, let him tell me the shop location, can only tell him that your position is wrong, not have no!

how to evaluate the pros and cons of alternative locations, from two aspects: the visibility and convenience of

A, the visibility of

1, Dianzhi property visibility. Select the location can be seen in the flow direction, need to focus on the distance of 50 meters? 100 metres? 150 metres? Please use quantitative data to assess, so that there is a basis for comparison.

2, the rental store visibility, which show how the surface? How big can you make? It has no other obstructions?

two, the convenience of

What is the name of

The convenience of

The convenience of

Evaluation method of

this is the time talking about the merits of the specific location, simple and practical.

? To sum up, do you have some understanding? Select the chain franchise location must pay attention, do not underestimate the enemy at the right time, there is more information to make money waiting for you.

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