The end of the 23 years of unjust imprisonment Chen man nternet business started a new life

innocent after 23 years’ imprisonment, Chen Man finally vindicated the unjust case. In order to officially start a new life, Chen went to the bookstore to buy Internet related books, 53 years old, he decided to join the Internet venture.

from December 27, 1992 to February 1, 2016 in custody released home, 53 year old Chen Man has 23 Spring Festival did not spend it with my family. The Spring Festival this year is 23 years later, he spent the first spring festival with his family. The fifth day of the new year day, in the western town of Mianzhu, freed Chen Man morning to accompany their parents, afternoon shopping lane to the bookstore to buy books, for their own future in the field of Internet business to prepare; wandering in the red lanterns hung on the streets, feeling not easily won the freedom.

New Year

menu for the dinner on New Year’s Eve Chen full custom

the dinner on New Year’s Eve home, Chen man has missed 23 years. The Spring Festival this year, a total of 15 of the Chen family the dinner on New Year’s Eve dish, "chicken" and "sausage" and "meat", "fish" and "Double cooked pork slices" and "meat rabbit"…… The dishes are specially tailored according to Chen Man’s taste.

in Chen Man’s view, this meal is also a turning point in his life, in addition to the old year, the night after the new year, my parents were watching TV, he sat on the sofa in the living room, to accompany their parents to chat, waiting for the New Year bell sounded, waiting for the arrival of the new year, happy life will open.


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