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monotonous work, promotion hopeless, more and more young people struggling to endure and leave the edge of entrepreneurship, then now you are suited to leave the business? Send a taste of success in worth talking: everyone has attracted the attention of the opposite direction, and turn to the opposite direction of attention need is courage, every successful entrepreneurs must have the courage.

In order to know

1. if you encounter unreasonable boss in the office of the requirement of time when you will fight?

2. do you choose to start a business in a time of prosperity or depression?

3. in your mind is how to define the risk of entrepreneurship?

1. in their own interests are not hurt, it is necessary to do their best to fight for their own interests and maximize benefits. Because when the interests of the injured and ignored, slowly you will become numb or even compromise, and finally no interest or negative growth. So in their own interests will not be violated when the resistance is not suitable for entrepreneurship.

2. if you choose to start a business in a good social environment, a great chance of failure. In the opposite case although the business environment is good business seems difficult to do, but do not forget that you are in the start-up stage, the business has only just started, the relatively slow growth in most areas of the business to build customer relationship and develop the market, business volume theory is not immediate, but the problem is that the economic environment is good to the business, regardless of the company office space rental, hire staff salaries, the daily expenditure must be compared with the economic depression high cost much, so is not conducive to entrepreneurship. On the other hand, because the accumulation process is started, has started pre good business difficult to do, but because of poor economic conditions, the choice of social talents and cheap, and be able to rent affordable office space, the daily expenditure is relatively low so much, very suitable for business.

3. some people often "adventure" as a reckless behavior, but in fact all normal people to take risks should be prepared before starting, so when you think of entrepreneurship in the mind appears reckless or fear, then you are not suited to the business. But you’ll risk as planned and no danger of anything going wrong for well deployment to action, and because it is so more adventure holding certain success mentality, congratulations you have success factors.


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