Dry cleaners how to handle customer complaints

shop is not so simple to do business, there are certainly a lot of attention to local needs, the management method is very important, now many entrepreneurs to be self-employed, some entrepreneurs see now dry good market prospects, choose their own business dry cleaners, in the actual operating process is very easy to have the customer complaints, so and how to deal with customer complaints?

(1) dry cleaners deal with customer complaints quickly. When a problem arises, resolve it immediately. This can kill two birds with one stone: on the one hand can be avoided because of problems in suspense and make you uneasy; on the other hand, it can show you a very professional, but also very concerned about, a lot of respect for them. Therefore, if the guest should be resolved immediately. However, there are some things that do not allow you to deal with the guest’s dissatisfaction on the phone, so be prepared to answer this question, "Mr. XX, I would like to use special time to solve your problem. Would you please tell me your phone number, I will contact you in 10 minutes.

(2) dry cleaners deal with customer complaints to be friendly. When the guests complain, the first reaction is to gather the strength of the people to prepare for self-defense. This is a big mistake. Remember to take a deep breath before you open your mouth and show your good attitude. When the guests feel sympathy for him and you want to seriously solve his problems, you will find amazing changes: it may be when scene turned out in a calm mood to negotiate. When the guests heard the words will be very relieved: "please speak a little detail, we jointly solve the problem out!" this is like giving the balloon deflated, their anger is released.

(3) dry cleaners deal with customer complaints to be fair. A fair solution to the problem can benefit both you and your guests. You don’t have to explain to the guest what is fair. Fairness must be flexible, or guests will walk away until they find what they think is fair, and you need to compensate for your work. The guests expect the same value as the laundry fee they pay. In solving the complaint, it is important to remember that the solution of the problem must make both sides have a feeling of winning. For example, the guests after washing standards, fees and other considerations; this will make him feel better.

dry cleaning industry in recent years the development is very fast, is worth a good deal considering the industry, customer service problem is very important, when entrepreneurs dry cleaning shops in the business, if it can be timely and effective handling of complaints, treated with a friendly attitude of fairness and justice, it can well deal with the customer to complain, to ensure their normal operation of the store!

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