To carry out national entrepreneurship to increase the income of workers to improve their lives

with the promotion of entrepreneurship and innovation, the two venture and entrepreneurship began to be recognized by the public. With the upsurge of entrepreneurial enterprises, multiple training assistance measures to carry out the Huzhong District, to help workers circle entrepreneurial dreams.

Huzhong area for the masses of workers to actively build a rich platform, support staff’s entrepreneurial dream, help employees to go round "rich dream". This area to carry out the national entrepreneurship as a major measure to expand employment, increase the income of workers and workers, and actively increase funding support efforts to build a business platform to build brands, expand sales channels. 2015, the number of entrepreneurs up to 6716 people, an increase of 6.5%; added value of $254 million 560 thousand, an increase of 20%.

"want to expand the scale, but have no money." When talking about business difficulties successfully through experience, clear water to town worker Jiang Xingan did not even say, "is to do to help solve the Huzhong District venture loan interest subsidies, the town to help solve the breeding sites, just let me build up the family fortunes, and ran on the road to get rich, also created a green water Hengsen rare farms." The farms have been developed to covers an area of 19 acres, breeding Deep-Fried Chicken 800, 200, 1000 American Turkey Rong Changji, 1500, guinea fowl breeder 210, with annual sales of more than 20 yuan.

the zone "to guide and support is arranged not to demand" principle, to the market demand, to use of resources as the main body, to the masses of workers to build a well-off society as a fundamental, and gradually establish "enterprise + base + breeding households" management mode, to promote the work of national entrepreneurship. In 2015, black fungus, Beijing pharmaceutical, animal husbandry, blueberry industry 144 workers and units of the legal issuance of special subsidy funds of nearly 1 million 500 thousand yuan, for "Lin Baorong" loans 9 million 450 thousand yuan for business users.

"to entrepreneurship training, let me learn a lot of things, also made clear the direction of my business, I will take part in after such training, but also to my neighbors, relatives, friends, let them get rich road." Huzhong forest large cattle Zhao Lingjun said happily in Huzhong District entrepreneurship to organize training after class. Last year, the district in order to improve the success rate of entrepreneurship training target and improve the quality of entrepreneurship, to please come in, sent to the organization to carry out all kinds of entrepreneurship training 4 times, outstanding entrepreneurial practice education, successful entrepreneurs and experts invited lectures, on-site observation, simulation operation, tracking guidance, and further improve the entrepreneurship training targeted and practical, there are 350 people to receive education. At the same time, sent 7 people to participate in various training courses organized by the province, to provide a strong theoretical basis for the workers engaged in the forest economy.

"busy housework, take care of the baby, the rest of the time sitting in front of the computer, and the client chat talk business." Huzhong District Xiangyang Community Residents yang side chat with the client, while the author said. This region make full use of the "Internet plus" new media advantage, scientific planning line under recommendation

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