Hong Kong Style dessert franchise six operating tips

major cities in the hot business district will have more than one Hong Kong Style dessert stores, Hong Kong Style dessert shop is a good place for people to enjoy the party. Because there is no off-season, open a Hong Kong Style dessert shop is a good thing to make money in the four seasons.

A, choose the familiar industry

must display unique dessert

three, create a sales atmosphere

Renqiwang will naturally attract customers, when empty, from time to time to arrange the goods, equipment adjustment. Don’t sit in front of legs crossed, make potential customers or the reverse psychology class goods store. Sales should not be too enthusiastic to give customers a sense of discomfort, nor too cold, so that customers feel strange.

four, the cumulative promotion discount

five, high-quality service to cultivate customer loyalty

business innovation

to quickly reflect the popular development of special commodities, let customers "this not buy popular feeling, next time he bought". Fresh, personality is often the target of young consumers.