Rural entrepreneurship golden ideas

now entrepreneurship has been a hot topic, the countryside has now emerged a lot of entrepreneurial people with lofty ideals, we are thinking about the golden idea

There are many rural backyard ducks /

"golden ideas" come from? Aimed at the development of projects, the major to find items, according to industry lead project is golden idea. If the local is the development of the planting industry in the mountains, in the case of the development of the local agricultural industry is relatively full understanding of the situation, you can consider the advantages of fruit planting industry, the development of space is still great. Such as creating a pear, apricot, nectarine mixed planting technology demonstration park, the promotion of new varieties, the formation of scale, make the brand, using technology to change the traditional agriculture, actively guide farmers to increase entrepreneurship, at the same time with red Shi Lan, in order to increase revenue.

"green table" distribution center. Nowadays, people pay more and more attention to the health of the food, the food, vegetables, meat and other green, pollution-free requirements, the establishment of a green table distribution center must be popular. The center can be divided into the Ministry of rural and city, rural department is responsible for planting, breeding, cleaning, packaging and green pollution-free vegetables, poultry and livestock; City Department is responsible for receiving orders, delivery, and to provide for the needs of the family cooking, washing dishes and other services. The project has less investment, less risk and broad market prospect.

high-end products: such as fruit and vegetable planting eggplant quality cultivation, the quality of eggplant were large, high nutritional value than ordinary eggplant. The cultivation of high-end fruit and vegetable products, due to the lack of relevant information, fewer seeds and pesticides sales outlets, the investment of agricultural intermediary projects, should be a good project.

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