6 daily habits to destroy your breast health net

breast is the most important part of women, there are 6 kinds of daily life to destroy your breasts:

1, mood


body pressure, depressed

readme: Carmen recent work under a lot of pressure, the mood has not been very good, coupled with the character is introverted, so often feel depressed state. What is even worse is that the nipple sometimes flows out of a fluid like blood, although not very painful, but it seems to have a small lump……

may be a problem: ductal papilloma

Chinese called "Thelorrhagia", that by the fire caused by blood or spleen liver, and kidney deficiency, so there may be bloody discharge from the nipple.

2, action


Shangshen touch, violence

readme: offbeat Daisy is a crazy woman, love her rude little, which makes her more passionate. But one day, when she suddenly felt a pain in the side of the breast, in the face of the mirror, she was horrified to find that this side of the breast has a touch can be active tumor!

may be a problem: breast cyst

breast is very fragile, they can’t be treated rudely. When the breast is a shock, the small vessels in the rupture and hemorrhage and hematoma formation, after being absorbed and destroyed in the blood, it will form a cyst. In addition to being rude, proper breastfeeding and good hygiene habits are also important.

3, diet


, high calorie beverages delicacy

Eva – 5 readme: love delicacy mature steak, hot chocolate, ice cream, although still beautiful, but added "Yang" name. As a result, she found a well-defined mass on her breast during the shower that day……

may be a problem: breast lipoma

and most lipoma high calorie and fat like a margin, is one of the most common benign tumor of the skin, can any parts of adipose tissue in the body, but the breast is seen, the onset age of 30-50 years old was much.



Shangshen wire, elastic band, their

want to make slim Grace in addition to a small meal, more exercise, also eyeing the underwear. In the wire and with the help of elastic band, and the more gentle and graceful! But, as is often quick to menstruation, breast pain will be very.

may be a problem:

too much Shushen underwear, it is in their breast torture, and le and crowded, in the course of time will cause poor blood circulation of the breast pain and oppression.

breast pain generally occurs in the week before menstruation, the performance of the breast >

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