Henan 73 enterprises enjoy the joint incentive red envelopes

Henan Province in recent years, the rapid economic development, the emergence of a number of well-known large enterprises to promote the development of the industry, but also to help the national economic layout. November 3rd, the reporter learned from the Zhengzhou customs, customs and Excise Department of the province’s 73 senior certified enterprises will enjoy the customs clearance, inspection and quarantine, taxation, finance, environmental protection and other key areas of joint credibility of the 49 incentives.

customs is the highest level of certification by the customs of the highest credit rating of enterprises, enjoy the largest customs clearance. November 1st, the national development and Reform Commission, the people’s Bank of China, the General Administration of customs and other 40 departments jointly signed a memorandum of cooperation on the implementation of the joint certification of the customs and Excise Department of the enterprise.

according to the Zhengzhou customs inspection department director Wang Shekun, the inspection of goods for example, this year 1~10 month, Zhengzhou customs inspection of senior certification rate was only 0.76%, 82% lower than the average credit enterprises, reduced clearance logistics cost of enterprises. The customs shall implement the credit guarantee for the senior certified processing trade enterprises, and shall not set up the margin account, and the processing trade enterprises shall pay 100% of the tax margin. The customs and Excise Department also enjoys the convenience of simplifying the audit of documents, giving priority to customs clearance, and coordinating the enterprise coordinator.

Chinese customs with Singapore, South Korea, the European Union and other countries and regions of the 31 customs established "mutual recognition mechanism", our province’s 73 Senior Customs certification enterprises also enjoy the most convenient customs clearance in these countries and regions.

"memorandum of cooperation" the implementation of joint incentive measures will enable enterprises to enjoy customs advanced certification to 40 domestic sectors, mainly include six categories: one is the Easy Access departments; two is to reduce the inspection and inspection measures; three priority measures; four is to simplify and shorten the time in the class of measures five; is an important reference for such measures, such as the financial sector credit financing, securities, insurance, securities companies to set up the Department of examination and approval departments give an important reference reference, reward and recognition; six reform measures.

Henan 73 enterprises enjoy joint incentive red, which is to encourage the Henan, but also to encourage the enterprise itself, the main push the rapid development of enterprises. "The implementation of the memorandum of cooperation", will release a large number of policy dividends to the integrity of the enterprise, to create a fair market environment and social integrity demonstration effect, to further improve the customs senior certification enterprises "gold content", encouraging more market players with high credit enterprise groups.

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