Hohhot first youth entrepreneurship Park officially launched operations

due to the presence of a variety of short board, youth entrepreneurship is often hampered, this time the advantages of entrepreneurial incubation base will appear. Hohhot’s first youth entrepreneurship Park official operation yesterday, more than a young man in Hohhot, a powerful helper.

approved incubated enterprises can enjoy the support policy of Jinchuan Industrial Park, the relevant financial funds, can also enjoy the business incubator rent of less than 100 square meters of office space development, incubation period of two years rent free; to assist the industrial and commercial registration, tax registration, bank accounts, and inspection procedures; from the incubator after graduation. The enterprise is still in the Jinchuan Industrial Park, three years to pay taxes 50% retained by the park district finance financial incentives to support policies of enterprises etc..

create youth employment service platform

"for Hohhot, now is the best time of entrepreneurship. Hohhot Youth League in Jinchuan youth entrepreneurship Park

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