nstallation of rich two generations of more than a woman cheated

now society, there are a lot of young girls want to marry a rich handsome, but also some of the girls also pay a lot of cost, some single young women in making friends on the road should still need to be cautious.

"1.82 meters tall and handsome, uniform officials, 32 year old single man." Such conditions, perhaps many girls are regarded as the ideal partner. Pretty good! At least 30 girls think so. Recently, Dadukou District of Chongqing police arrested a man suspected of posing Official Deception, more than 30 women cheated nearly 500 thousand yuan. What is the identity of the suspect?


in July this year, Ms. Du came to Springfield road Dadukou District police station, said may encounter a liar. It turned out that she met her boyfriend in a uniform on the Internet, not long ago, her boyfriend called to say he was sick, is a local hospital in Chengdu, he did not bring enough money, so Ms. Du borrow 20 thousand yuan.

out false, threatening police pipe too wide

8 21, Dadukou District police identified the Tang activities in Chengdu, is ready to take the train to meet the woman know just from WeChat. Police in Chengdu east railway station will intercept Tang, Tang is very calm, calmly took out his credentials from the bag.

"I have important business to deal with now, if because of your negligence leading to delay the event, you can eat Dou to walk." There are fake documents backing Tang posturing, and even threatened the police: I want to sue you, you want to lead the tube too well

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