Stores can also have their own business skills

shop small and big supermarket competition, is not it will be in the party? The store has no way out? In short, with the increase of large supermarkets, store more and more recognized by consumers, a large supermarket has caused pressure to survive, to store a problem, seek survival.

shop also has its own characteristics, convenience is the best description of

as the saying goes: "the survival of the fittest", play to their strengths, seize the "convenience" characteristic, take the customer as the center, to the goods as a link, the maximum meet customer needs, what the customer needs, we will sell what, it is necessary to take care of the public taste, but also the pursuit of fashion trend of young people.

in the development of old customers at the same time, how can pull new customers? Through the customer’s needs as well as the salesman’s recommendation, the supply of goods to the flow of rolling, highlighting their advantages.

flower without a hundred days Yan, there is no eternal King

in store management, to ensure the adequacy of the goods, but also to do what, to purchase the goods on the ground of diversification, but to control the number of single product, not only enrich the varieties of food, but also can eliminate the expired food, ready to eliminate inappropriate goods, the introduction of new products, so that customers in the purchase of intangible satisfaction. Some of the products of mass human necessities, some of the products is a minority pursuit, to take care of both the public, but also to meet the interests of the minority stock, a good grasp of this knowledge, it is firmly tied to customer psychology.

my shop is located in the door of the market, it is the location of the source of water consumption in the middle of the water, but people are very busy! Because of the special position of every day there are different people through here, smoke variety is very complex, to see so many people every day in front of the store only in a game of chess, they bring the thought, buy a few side can not get more popular? The business plan is busy, then I bought two chessboard, attracted more people to love playing chess and watching chess, so in the afternoon, thirsty, the store consumption to no smoke, some old man with the cup I also provide free boiling water, popular will bring type!

operating cigarettes I grab fresh

cigarettes in each store is the core resources, which promote the growth of the store economy, high and low cigarettes for different consumer groups. Do not look at low-grade cigarettes, sales volume, but also a considerable number of people in his group mainly in the elderly. Mainly to the construction workers and mid-range cigarette factory for consumer groups, in the rainy day, when the site closed, they love in knots entering the store to buy cigarettes, as is their habit, you buy cigarettes, buy him a towel, he bought soap…… Many people will spend a lot of effort.

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