How to choose the coffee shop

everyone lives on the earth, people rely on the environment to survive, housing, office space, public places, such as the importance of human life and achievements, is incomparable.   here we still use the word "Feng Shui". Although a little superstitious, but also part of the scientific truth!

environment for people, of course, is the same everywhere, Feng shui. From the living space. There are housing Feng Shui, Feng Shui doing business, office feng shui office, the factory has a business Feng Shui, etc.. These feng shui knowledge, has a very deep scientific and cultural connotations, as well as the concept of humanistic care. Entrepreneurship, in addition to the selection of quasi industry, the industry, in order to improve the success rate of entrepreneurship, for the choice of location, store layout, opening time and other scientific planning. Scientific planning methods, from the ancient Chinese feng shui culture to absorb nutrients.

To focus on the "location, location, floor, and the surrounding environment to open a coffee shop

floor with a layer of choice, because "1" for the growth of the number of water; if it is office, office buildings concentrated, can choose on the six floor, because "6" for the achievement of the number of water. The door to the south, the door to the north is the north of the Department of the store, the location of the store to choose the back seat, so the shop door to the south, that is, the north side of the shop meaning.

In addition

in the environment choice should pay special attention to the front door, can not have pointed objects against, such as the corner of the building, the flagpole objects, if so, you must try to avoid.

although the location is not operating, but really is one of the important factors of success. In order to succeed, we

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