The profit skills of opening drinks store

a simple drink actually cost is not high, can bring great benefits of space industry, but also a lot of people choose this industry, now drinks in the market has great development space, for many entrepreneurs, have also chosen to open a drink store. People in the right time, will also choose and some drinks, which also provides a huge market for its development. Start a drink shop, want to profit, but also have a good development. Here to give you the opportunity to venture to open the store’s entrepreneurial skills.

first, affiliate marketing. Although the membership card is now smelly street, but the effect is pretty good for mr.. Specifically, the membership card is free, in fact my membership card is not card, but a piece of paper, there are 10 – 20 unequal squares, each member of a consumer, will cover a small stamp on it, and collect a small seal, Mr. Yu here can exchange for a a small gift.

this method seems to be a little naive, but the temptation for students. And Mr. Yu according to the target customers to provide a variety of small gifts are different, such as adults, may be key, small dolls, coupons…… The students are provided with a series of cartoon doll sets, comic books…… Due to the continuity of the gift, often students will continue to buy, according to Mr. Yu introduced, there was a student in order to collect dolls, the whole class to buy drinks in the store.


cooperation marketing. Mr. Yu beverage stores no brand, very good to live alone is certainly not, so he is also working with some institutions around, such as hair salon, stationery shop, laundry, holding each other bill, more than a certain amount can be here in his 5 – 20 percent off sales a drink the move, the purpose is to attract customers, expanding the visibility and the strategy in the early good, then store traffic, there are also some businesses take the initiative to cooperate with me, said with my membership card where they can enjoy a discount of consumption. It’s a win-win result.

drinks store marketing skills: Third, public welfare marketing. Although the merchant to profit, but in the opinion of the public welfare marketing seems to be less, and sometimes some of the activities of the community organization, mr.. Mr. Yu said, I seem to provide a lot of things, in fact, the cost of a few hundred dollars, but the effect is very obvious.

first, the community, the streets recognized, willing to help me to do publicity, and even take the initiative to help me seek some preferential policies; secondly, enhance the popularity, after all I is to service the community, we not bow to see the rise, I do charity, many customers are willing to know, to my shop consumption; third, students are the main source of my store, I do charity, is a good example for students, I went to school for the promotion of science, recommendation

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