2016MARS innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Nuggets pink market

when did the pink economy burst out and now you hear less and less about the issues that have been discussed in the last two years?. Because, with the continuous improvement of social acceptance, the pink economy has gradually broke out. Chinese has become one of the top three global market pink economy, social networking, online shopping, Comrade Comrade Comrade tourism such as the rapid rise and rapid capital by the Blitz, pink in the economic field entrepreneurial industry covered by up to ten, and in just one year to achieve a rapid transformation to the mobile terminal. Pink heat of the economy did not lose VR/AR, but also with the live supplement.


in the pink economy so strong breakthrough under the background of multi media, Thomas joint investment Chinese cattle pink economy advocate Blued held 2016MARS pink economic innovation and entrepreneurship competition, focus on the mining industry economic pink outstanding entrepreneurial projects, creating top investors and outstanding entrepreneurs the best exchange platform, so that entrepreneurs and investors with the Nuggets Pink market. DoNews will join Blued and TV for the entire report and live fish.


is divided into special pink economic conference, auditions, preliminaries and finals in four stages, in dozens of investment institutions, here a lot more attention of investors judges pink economic alliance, more free support resources, is the business elite and founder of the circle, is a industry public classroom learning and exchange.

at the audition, we will select in accordance with national legal provisions, both innovation and business value, good market prospects, technological innovation, and growth in a large space, good business model, the founding team strength of the venture into the preliminaries. Excellent project selection in the preliminary round will enter the finals, and have access to DoNewsTV star roadshow video report. In the final of the battle of hegemony, through the two aspects of the competition, the winning entries will be directly promoted to the semi-finals of the 2016MARS innovation and entrepreneurship contest.


2016MARS innovation contest is sponsored by the media, Thomas More cattle investment at a cost of millions of the industry of the whole field of events, China is the most influential entrepreneur contest. The contest is concerned about the pink economy, concerned about entrepreneurs, and the amount of Chinese users and the use of the first gay mobile social software Blued together to build China’s Pink economic ecosystem.


(scan two-dimensional code, concerned about the dynamics of MARS contest)

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