What do you need for a deli

what do you need for a deli? Food stores are now on the market in China has great development prospects, we all know that the shop must first prepare the relevant equipment, today to tell you the deli opened investment, you shop what are the basic equipment needed to prepare the


1 (fresh), refrigeration equipment need to be refrigerated cabinet 2, food display cabinet 1-2, the case of Taiwan 1 (size according to the actual situation);

2, microwave oven 1 (used to meet the needs of individual customers in winter heating), with 1 sets of induction cooker pot (used to do some small goods, such as fried peanuts, kelp, 1000, as well as boiling water);

3, 2 sets of electronic scales (1 sets of sales with electronic scales, 1 sets of processing materials weighing electronic scale is small, the chopping block (2) cooked one each), cut 2 knives (cooked to separate), machetes 1, soup ladle 1, fish meat hook 1 white steel plates, 30 (this is according to the number of sales of goods varieties to set the food clip 2,), 5-6 (seasoning jars used for storing cold powder, soy sauce, soup seasoning soup, chili oil, sesame oil, garlic juice, coriander);

4, white steel barrel 5 (including 50cm 3, respectively, for stewed pig, poultry, beef and other goods brine; different flavors of 45 or 50cm 2, respectively, for water, chicken, stewed pork and bean products), a gas tank 2; 1 fire gun, spray grill 1, 5.

5, plastic bag, plastic bowl, disposable chopsticks.

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