What are some of the best investments to make money in 2012

2012 has quietly arrived, in the new year, people are looking for their own entrepreneurial opportunities, so, today let us and all of the network Xiaobian a look at what the project for all investment in 2012 to join in?

best venture:

glasses shop

with the sun glasses store bus training mature, glasses shop into the threshold is gradually reduced, entrepreneurs can learn everything through training on the shop about something, the success rate is greatly increased, so also have reason to recommend this industry again.

best venture:

video store

in maintenance, in recent years, PS3, X360, WII -, the failure rate is gradually rising, from the recently learned of the situation, the sale of the 5 year X360 began to enter a maintenance cycle, the host fault began with the increase of service life and gradually broke out, PSP has high fault. Since the rate, only the game maintenance already have enough money market.

best venture project: maintenance

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