The public space is the seed of the entrepreneur

with the gradual expansion of the scale of China’s entrepreneurial community, the effectiveness of public space has gradually played out, causing social attention. Characteristics of innovation and entrepreneurship vector, so that the majority of entrepreneurs to improve the probability of success.

"Y1 a week" guest star world "Aite multi-creation space" is the rapid rise of Fujian in recent years vigorously promote public entrepreneurship, innovation achievements of. At present, a passenger has become hot words of the hometown, the booming public record space to attract many entrepreneurial team to develop here, has become fertile ground for innovation and entrepreneurship.

The development of

if the entrepreneurs to seed, so the public record is the soil space. Public record space business is the core business services, especially in the development of pre record, the key point is the business service personnel, capital projects, and public service resources, realize the integration of organic and efficient in space." Fujian provincial science and technology department responsible person believes that most recommend

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