Nanjing restriction order since the rental market has ushered in the doldrums

facing the crazy growth behavior of prices this year, the real estate sector around the introduction of the relevant real estate policy since the end of September, Nanjing introduced the "purchase order" since the turnover declined significantly. This is similar to Shanghai, many second-hand housing began to sell sublet. However, the Nanjing market rental market reaction is different from Shanghai, did not appear as expected in the industry price decline, but this may be left in November.

according to 365 rental statistics show that in October, the city of Nanjing individual rental housing rent is 3038 yuan / month, compared with the September’s $2840 / month, up 198 yuan / month, up to 6.96%. In addition, the statistics also show that in October the number of new rental information released in Nanjing increased by 9000.

, however, the real estate industry experts Zhang Jianchu told reporters that the purchase of the policy of new and second-hand housing transactions in the reaction will be relatively large, will immediately show up, but the rental market will have a period of digestion, there will be a certain decline in November.

10 month rental housing surge

implementation of the purchase of Nanjing property market, has undergone many changes, developers seemed no longer appear berserk situation, the volume also appeared "cut".

according to the Nanjing online real estate data show that in October a total of 6595 sets of new houses in Nanjing traded (excluding Gaochun Lishui metropolitan area), the chain turnover in September fell by nearly $50%, but also the lowest since 22 months.

and the new home market affected by different, Nanjing rental market has shown another scene. Liu Xiaolin is the Nanjing Delin property intermediary responsible person, after entering in October, his work than ever to be busy, why not rent the tenant more, but a sudden increase in rental house, "added 30% than in September."

The reason

suddenly appeared rental listing volume increased, in Liu Xiaolin’s view, is the main factor to influence the purchase, she thinks, a lot of second-hand housing because of the purchase order, not timely sales, the landlord to the housing rental market, which is the cause of housing listed increased, "I received in October more than half of customers. It is because the landlord after the purchase of second-hand housing, the house difficult to sell, it will rent out the house."

according to 365 rental statistics show that in October the number of new rental housing information release in Nanjing, compared with an increase of more than 9 thousand in September. However, the increase in rental information release, did not bring an increase in the number of renters, Liu Xiaolin on the daily economic news reporter, said the number of renters did not increase, the overall remained stable." In November 13th, Liu Xiaolin supplement

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