To cultivate new cigarette products should be good at communication

Are prone to such a phenomenon

almost every cigarette store, selling some of the old brand has no inventory, even regular customers can not buy, but new cigarette is No one shows any interest in. Not to say that the new cigarette is not good, it can not adapt to the needs of the masses, often because the owner is often not good at communication, leading consumers to accept. Therefore, the development of new cigarettes also need to be good at communication.

the end of the last two months of each year, tobacco companies has completed the annual sales plan tasks, to put a lot of time to wait until the next year’s plan, so the basic will not be put in the usual best-selling brand of cigarettes. For example, the market now lack most low-end cigarettes Hartmann, big front door, each one to the delivery time, these cigarettes are sold to consumers. There Nanjing (red), for several years are scarce supply. Although the company has also been put in order to change the usual policy gradually to supply sales, but in recent weeks out of stock, the invisible, the market and the emergence of brand shortage.

cigarette brand breaking effect of some consumers, rural consumers love Shandong Hammond, after all, is a local old brand cigarette, accompanied by a lifetime, a smoker’s love. Some old smokers told me that he had been smoking for 30 years of Hartmann, even do not feel your cigarette in his mouth, the taste of love is hartmann. But a recent spate of no cigarettes Hartmann weeks, also really difficult for the old customers, let me recommend no results, several times to see customers down out of the shop, I really very helpless. In order to allow these old smokers to accept other brands, I also made a lot of effort.

old customers into the store to Wang Hartmann, I did not say that I have been sold out, then picked up a box with the price of cigarettes told him: "just a customer bought a box of the cigarette, said smoking is particularly good, why don’t you try it?" "Really? I have been looking for three to Hartmann, but are not always thought you are big certainly, give me a box of breath and see." Because this cigarette is not local, and generally do not have the customer to accept new products, for which I deliberately opened a box so that customers free of charge. I said: "do not worry, there are open, you first try, good to buy, not suitable for the."

I immediately handed him a, gave him a lighter, point, watch him suck, "yes, Hartmann at the end of the year will be very difficult to get up, I really would not change a brand, like smoke, so time-consuming, ran." After that, I went home. After a few days I saw his neighbors also to my store to buy cigarettes, said to smoke a neighbor to smoke, a good sense of smell, he also wanted to replace the brand. After my repeated recommendation, there are a lot of customers have accepted the field of the brand, the new brand so successful cultivation.

consumers have a

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