How much does it cost to run a barbecue shop

        how much does it cost to run a barbecue shop? Spent where? When we first set up shop in the first to consider many factors, especially the cost, assessment of the need for cost investment shop before, the situation is not the same, the results of the assessment of course is different, therefore, know about the open grill that is necessary for


        barbecue shop investment, under normal circumstances, including the cost of raw materials (i.e. for the production and consumption of raw materials of all kinds of barbecue costs and expenses of cost) (utilities, staff salaries, office expenses and equipment maintenance and other daily expenses).

        (1) raw material cost.

        the cost of raw materials in the barbecue shop actually includes two aspects, that is, the cost of food and beverage costs. The cost of food includes the value of raw materials and accessories. Other expenses incurred during the barbecue are included in the cost. The cost of beverage drinks.

        as a result of barbecue shops operating barbecue products and no fixed production, there is no fixed cost, it is difficult to calculate the real production costs of different varieties of barbecue products. In addition, the production and sale of barbecue products are synchronized, there is no inventory. Therefore, when calculating the cost of raw materials, the operator can only calculate the direct consumption value of raw materials.

        (2) barbecue shop expense.

        barbecue shop costs, is the grill in the normal operation of the case. The cost of the tax, the tax payable and the employee’s wages. As a general store, in the calculation of the cost, but also can be included in the scope of employee wages.

        operating expenses, operating expenses is calculated to ensure the normal operation of the barbecue restaurant spending, ordinary barbecue restaurants operating expenses is the cost, tax and employee wages and benefits beyond all expenses in addition to the occurrence of the consumer to provide equipment or facilities;

        cost management: management fee includes expenses consumed by the management of stores, including stores of entertainment expenses, should pay the rent, taxes, losses, expenses and other expenses of staff training management;

        financial expenses: financial charges including bank interest expense or other recommendation

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