The old man selling newspaper marketing philosophy absolutely shocked you

12 bus ride to work every day, next to the station there is a newspaper selling uncle. Uncle dressed in neat, looks eagle-eyed, healthy and vigorous spirit, every business is good.

"see you all day long bustling about, good harvest!"

, uncle each day to several management personnel sent to the newspaper, the beginning of people not familiar with him, not his newspaper. He said this is the extra selling newspapers in the neighborhood, the station manager is not what important, in the course of contacts is ripe. Uncle then began to grumble, saying that now laid off, in the vicinity of selling newspaper sales is not good, not to sell several a day, and soon her daughter will take the college entrance examination, it is unable to afford the high tuition fees, her grades are so good, if she doesn’t read really sorry she the…… Reach out to the public and get sympathy.

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