Belgian chocolate love to support what

China’s consumer market has two major festivals, that is, Valentine’s day and single dog Festival (Shopping Festival Double eleven), no matter what holiday, chocolate is one of the essential consumer goods. Because this is the representative of love, whether it is already falling in love, or are looking for love, chocolate is a favorite consumer goods. Open a chocolate store market outlook is undoubtedly broad. Sony Ericsson Belgian chocolate so that everyone can enjoy the authentic taste of Europe, delicious and make money. What are the support of Sony Ericsson Belgium chocolate?

Sony Ericsson provides 360° for franchisees; operational support system

investment analysis: to assist you in the development of accurate investment analysis, submitted to your overall investment budget and feasibility analysis report;

promotion plan: develop and submit in your local marketing plans and advertising planning scheme, allowing you to fight;

brand support: follow up business market, we will provide all agents and investors distribution brand publicity discs, product manuals and other guidance text or electronic data do not regularly hold regional marketing guidance, regular exchange of experience held summit between regions, promote information communication between investors, mutual reference sales experience;

advertising support: according to the needs of the regional market, with the well-known media publicity, and in the country’s well-known television, newspapers, Internet and other media for continuous, large-scale advertising;

regional protection: the strict implementation of regional trade protection, investors enjoy the priority of the new market development, contract priority;

distribution support: the company has established a special ordering system, in accordance with the dealer for the implementation of unified logistics network is established, all aspects of management, production and sales of computer terminal to realize the internal resource sharing and network management;

activities support: the company in a timely manner to sum up the agents at all levels and investors in the business process of telecommunications sales experience, to provide you with a detailed case of promotional activities, and to provide guidance;

promotional material support: the company will provide material support for all levels of agents and investors to provide marketing activities.

follow-up product development support

1, for the franchisee to provide long-term competitive advantage, the headquarters of the research and development of new products and technology upgrading technology support, in order to adapt to the change of the market to meet the needs of different consumers, so as to guide the market trend, safeguard the core competitiveness of the brand.

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