Gold consultant entrepreneurial training camp classes can not let your entrepreneurial path to BP

in the afternoon of June 4th, the first phase of the gold medal consulting business training camp – how to make investors screaming BP in good loan network jailbreak space held.

one, to create a boutique mentor coaching

compared with the upper society not poor, a variety of business share, lecture, salon, gold consultant took boutique supervisor mode completely different, first in the number of participants, they strictly control in less than 20 people, the participants were screened in advance.

in the instructor’s choice, entrepreneurship training camp for gold consultant tutor early interviews, to understand whether it is suitable for entrepreneurs, whether can they master the effective transfer of dry cargo to entrepreneurs, and all teachers must have a certain experience and time.

finally, gold consultant entrepreneurial training camp and other entrepreneurial class share is different, in addition to students directly into the business community gold consultant VIP, regular unriddling instructors, all students must complete their homework after class time, the instructor will make comments and guidance.

As the general manager of

gold consultant Feng Lipeng said "what if we really want to do, we must Just Do It! Listen to how much, what is important, but after listening to can do and to practice is the core and key to learning, and this is


two, the first phase of the effect of excellent students satisfied with 100%

is based on the above idea, gold consultant entrepreneurial training camp first in less than a day for hundreds of people, after screening, directional gold consultant invited 15 entrepreneurs to become the first class.

BP how to write? See BP investors pay more attention to what part? Is the most commonly encountered entrepreneurs in search of investment issues, we hope the entrepreneurial path do not end in write BP." When asked why the theme of such a course to be held, the gold consultant business training camp official said.

"our training camp is to hand in homework. This is not only to ensure that the learning effect, but also to find more problems, to further improve the ability of entrepreneurs, to work, we will invite investment institutions investors to comment, this for entrepreneurs, is a very rare opportunity, usually BP entrepreneurs are less likely to get investor news feedback. In addition, we will continue to design more interactive links in the follow-up, so that entrepreneurs can understand each other between students, understanding, interaction, and even to achieve cross cooperation between the project. That’s why we control the size of our staff."

the entrepreneurial training camp has been assigned by supervisor gold consultant platform Ethernet tsinger served as capital financing consultant. He graduated from Peking University with a bachelor’s degree in economics and law. He worked in the Department of Credit Suisse investment banking and Baidu Inc’s mobile project management

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