85 after the opening of a fitness club to achieve Entrepreneurship

female fitness mostly in order to lose weight, male fitness is to have impressive good shape, the fitness club opened one after another, but business is booming, the market is unlimited, the 85 boys saw the opportunity to get rich.

1985 was born in Shao Zhile, young and handsome, he said, the ideal of entrepreneurship as early as the second year to determine the.

2004, Shao Zhile admitted to Nanjing Sport Institute sports training. When the students are busy in love, he began to work everywhere. "My first job was at Mai Don Laurie, in the daytime, in the evening. From the late eight until the next morning one or two, although very hard, but also gain a lot, "Shao Zhile said with a smile:" don’t look at me now so I can speak mouth, before very introverted, and the work of the fast food shop is very enthusiastic service and close cooperation with team spirit."

when Nanjing gym as coming out like bamboo shoots after a spring rain to consider, professional counterparts, he went to a fitness coach. "I have at least 5 gym part-time, the guests pay the tuition is very high, the personal trainer’s responsibility is to try to serve the customer well, after all, people are asking you to spend money. So, I learned how to cope with, I soon rose to the coach from the director, the monthly income of at least seven thousand or eight thousand."

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