Media entrepreneurs will encounter any problems Direction selection partner and financing

Abstract: capital is profit driven nature, what he wants you to give him what. You can get more money from the market, better to do their own thing solid. It’s up to you to decide what you’re going to do, how much you want to spend, and then try to do it.


When talking about

months and years passed the "financing", "day", "the number of users and other business information media once among the tide of entrepreneurship, will have what kind of problem?

a, to be not to be: media people why venture


1, idealistic

media people are often ridicule as a "life of the sea heart" (eating trench oil life, the heart of Zhongnanhai) of a group, in other words, always too idealistic (there are really false). Le money founder and former vice president Wang Wei that many of the best media venture is the emergence of "idealism", hope that through their own resources and contacts to solve or achieve something.

2, prove yourself

carts network founder and former director of highland Auto Center said, "media venture itself" topic is already unconscious in a "weak" means — why has nobody to talk about the product manager or programmer how to start the problem? In fact, media people really are not confident the crowd.

"sometimes travel media may sit in business class, stay in five star hotel, Michelin eat dinner, but I know that with my Never mind, some would not belong to I deserve it, when a person every day not be a part of it is actually very difficult to develop self-confidence. I think the media business is to find themselves, to find something that makes me more confident."

3, get rid of the bottleneck

used in the Sohu, Sohu do perform their duties for 11 years mobile new media director of e accompanying founder Yue Jianxiong said he chose entrepreneurship, because met the occupation ceiling, then online opportunities are not many, for me behind the interesting things will not be so much". Based on this consideration, Yue Jianxiong chose to venture out.

salon in Wudaokou, these entrepreneurs before the media also poured cold water, not all media people are suitable for business, not to start a business and entrepreneurship.

two, start: how to choose the direction of entrepreneurship?

1, choose familiar areas

founder Wang Wei founded Internet financial platform music money company network served as vice president and editor in chief network vice president and editor in chief, and Phoenix beauty, Della co-founder Zhang Danping served as NetEase women channel editor, founder of hy was previously director of oxcart network Auto Center, and fool financial founder Huang Jiantao.

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