Local website profit discussion nternet mode should catch commercial contact point

recently thought the local website profit model: why many models cannot become the mainstream model? How to meet the needs of the model may not become profitable mode? Why can the profit model can not form a platform level channel? Point where? – the conclusion is that the model is not able to catch the contact point of the



has been misunderstood most is demand. For example, yellow pages, many people will search the Internet for certain company introduction as "huge demand". However, tens of thousands of address messages bring in thousands of PV every day, and at the same time they can not form transaction transformation. The user is the most effective estimation of Yellow Pages collection agency, to find the address is just out of the core purpose of evolution conditions only.

‘s need to move away from corporate marketing behavior is truly a zombie,

has to distinguish between types of requirements: primary demand, secondary demand, and marginal demand. We first rule out the marginal demand for the Internet: for example, happy parking spaces. We can also understand what secondary requirements are: for example, the manifestation of the waterfall flow, the waterfall flow is only required to access the habit, not the core of the decision. So, what exactly is the main demand? The clue is: the main marketing behavior of the merchant.


marketing behavior must form channels, the most core needs must fall into the channel. With the channel independent demand just attempt an ineffective solution. So, what kind of channel is the Internet channel?

from the basic purpose of marketing:

1, the Internet can form the first channel is brand channels, the purpose is to make people know, to make people believe.

2, the second channel that the Internet can form is the product channel, the purpose is to conclude the transaction.

3, the Internet is often ignored third channels is the demand channel, sellers can also obtain consumer information.

, we can see that the ability of businessmen to use channels is also divided into three levels:

‘s businesses only know to list, midstream businesses know to understand the brand, high interactive business.

from the Internet seller behavior, we can see where the core value of the channel – interaction. In general, the primary seller’s behavior is: do the ads or small advertising, the result is: invalid. When the behavior of sellers began to attach importance to the electricity supplier, suddenly found himself will encounter the cost of huge problems: the conversion rate (ROI), and then look back and find that the original brand advertising, enhance the conversion approach is to enhance the brand, advertising is not Nothing is right.

visible marketing behavior of the law is: interaction is king.


What is the essence of

interaction? It is the commercial contact point between buyer and seller. The contact point is mainly the contact point of brand transfer and the contact point of buying and selling.

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