Google quit Baidu K station the Ministry of industry for the record talk about a series of events

in February 23, 2010, the Ministry announced a significant impact on the construction of the Internet will further implement the "file management: the verification of the authenticity of the information site for the record work program (Trial)". After a lapse of one month, at 3 in the morning on March 23, 2010, Google domain name jumped to Hongkong, officially withdraw from mainland China to Hongkong, china. I wonder if Google is talking to the Ministry. It’s also number 23. When you are in a lively discussion of the withdrawal of Google event, after a lapse of two days in March 25, 2010 is the same 3 o’clock in the morning, listening to people say Baidu group, a large area of K station, included substantial reduction, or simply disappeared from Baidu.

I listen to, quickly check my blog, and found that my blog directly from Baidu disappeared, according to the usual experience, first of all I did not cheat. Secondly, my content is almost all published in the major webmaster original article, the same did not do too much SEO optimization. My first reaction should be to be implicated in the web site on the server. One check found that most of the sites on the server were included, leaving only 3 pages, or just like my blog, disappearing from Baidu. Preliminary estimates are implicated. I am in a hurry, Baidu, I do another Taobao wholesale supply station. Found home page dropped to 1 pages, but the reverse link is crazy increase.

it’s an eventful spring, not an easy one in 2010. I believe that friends who have read my article should remember 09 years in December, I published a "Baidu" "menstrual" major computer room inspection, "do not panic" article on chinaz. This year, Baidu again menstruation, everywhere see blood. Sina with 9 pages, Alibaba,, Alipay only 1~3. N station have included N station to lose, included reduced to 1 or directly from Baidu disappeared. I wonder if this incident is a Baidu server fault, or Baidu deliberately directed the marketing event, in order to celebrate the withdrawal of Google from the mainland.

Google gone, Baidu small hand, a large area of the site was K, or it included greatly reduced. Originally, when Google in the PR value for the exchange of links standards. Later, in order to please Baidu. Baidu included as standard exchange links. Baidu is now such a toss, how many webmasters hard to run up the site, suddenly included 1 less, or directly disappeared from Baidu. Such a blow to the master is like the agony of a loved one’s death. Included in the decrease, directly affect the flow of the site. Do you have to go back to the cold winter last year? It’s becoming more and more difficult for the station master.

Google, the webmaster is definitely the future in order to fight the fight at outrance Baidu ranking. The scene is really unimaginable, so go on, it is estimated that a lot of webmaster will lose to do stand confidence. Do the webmaster is very hard, not easy to do something, a red Baidu everywhere, it is horrible. Again hope that the vast number of friends who do stand, do not be discouraged. Collection >

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