Depth analysis COPY copy of the article is also called originality

it is necessary to give enthusiastic webmaster to explain the basic way to release articles, in order to improve the hit rate, access to valuable initial flow.

improve engine effective included, the most important way is to improve the keyword matching degree". Keywords are words that people enter into the search box when they use the engine to find information. For example, "station friend network" is the keyword, in addition, "China Station friends network", "station friends network address" and so on are keywords, such keywords can be called compound keywords. In fact, what does not matter.

keyword matching refers to the people’s search keywords and the keyword in the engine included in a web page (article) in the integrity of the emergence. For example, people search "station friends network" in Baidu, if our website has 1 article title is "station friends network address" article, the specific articles also appeared in the "Friends of the net station" and "address" and other words, so this article "friends network address" keyword matching degree 100%; if our title is "station friends network address" then the matching degree is about 70%; because the back of the text to the dilution effect.

if our article title is "standing friends forum address is what", then the match is about 50%; because the middle of the keyword is short.

if the article title and content have not appeared "friend station net address", any 1 in 5 characters, the match degree is 0%. Naturally think of matching high is the search keywords to the content, nature will give to give a higher weight, make the page natural search results appear in the front position, nature can bring us valuable traffic, natural smile to our webmaster gaunt face. ) to improve keyword matching, you can get a steady stream of engine traffic.

by the way, the 1 sentence. The 1 articles that were optimized were more effective than the 100 articles collected. Especially for new sites, not how much you release, how many engines included, so sometimes released a lot of articles collected, can only occupy valuable engines included, resulting in effective waste of resources included. Previously, my entertainment forum only 2000 articles, only about 4 articles updated every day, you can guarantee 2~3 million traffic, once a certain 1 articles bring more than 20 thousand traffic every day, very scary.

so how do you improve keyword matching to get engine traffic? The most important thing about publishing an article is getting good article titles. That’s what’s inside the TITLE. Next is the beginning of the article.

1, the target keyword should be complete, placed in front of the title. Even if there’s something wrong with grammar, the engine doesn’t check your grammar knowledge.

2, the title should be concise. Too long titles dilute keyword density. As long as it does not seem strange, OK, the title can be keywords or keyword combinations or keywords + a number of suffix text. >

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