Pay attention to the chain is every webmaster essential qualities

entered the SEO industry I chose a physical and mental work is neither, as a webmaster early to see his stand like a baby to grow my heart really happy happy, I like making the early new content, is to give children the best nutrition, do some technical articles to the site and lay a solid foundation, like a child like the body of three year old look seven year old big, so it is a website when the website structure code keywords layout, keyword words determines the website of this lifetime tone, determines a basis of child development, if the content of the article to a child’s physical quality, I am willing to website the child thought development chain is the chain, do pre certainly difficult, here I will summarize my chain of sad way.

I was caught in the Baidu cellular plan when

first SEO, the company’s Web site off problem is dead in the chain, the chain site early do most is the forum outside the chain and some edge ball forum outside the chain of correlation is very poor, then we focus on the website content is non write more original content, make some changes relatively large pseudo original content also updated every day, so after two months the site slowly back, we spent the most difficult period of time, we don’t always do during outreach at around twenty or thirty (search engine chain algorithm was also no change), only occasionally in the relevant industry website released some information on this web site, the chain effect is good when the BD is not paid much attention to the chain, the original content of card is very strict, Gradually, we forgot the chain, so I stood on the home page is a stay for three or four months, during which there is not much change.

Links to say is a good friend chain is very important to be able to give you the keyword ranking also bring good results, Links risk is very high you can not determine whether others can stand stable, his website is k is likely to lead you to the station implicated.

blog the chain is my chance to start using BD, then give the weights of the blog is very high, I applied for at least twenty blogs had a mass start a blog, keep to a certain weight of the chain is very fast, so that a webmaster must have their own blogs, key just know the day of reckoning.

soft outside the chain, I began to write soft found from Adsense online, starting from the Admin5 found someone else to write things with their own web site, since such a high quality of soft Wen can make people reproduced, the process may be reproduced in a chain, which not only plays a role in the promotion can also do links to increase the weight of the website, the chain of more recent rankings are good because we pre production content and ignore the chain now has been hovering in the two or three page ranking, ah, the chain has become the pain in my heart.

in doing the chain can compare competitors, look at their recent collection of the chain is how to do, imitate to do, the effect is also good, and now >

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