The rural market is the P2P loan gold cornopean said village every year millions of water 1 billion

Abstract: the lack of rural finance is not due to high risks of loans and low returns. But the countryside is too scattered, traffic inconvenience, small amount of loans and deposits, bank networks stationed high cost, and these problems can be solved by the internet. So the countryside is the gold mine of P2P loan.


recently, CCTV exposure of the big fortune P2P fund-raising fraud case. Since May 2014, the big wealth P2P network credit platform through the release of false "target" to the public, "about standard" 356 million yuan, the actual absorption of about 6000 investors, a total investment of 180 million yuan. To the incident, nearly 5000 investors about 68 million yuan of funds failed to repay principal and interest.

in fact, from 2013, P2P running on foot is a common occurrence. CCTV’s view is that the net loan platform not only has no third party fund management platform, but also can use the investor’s funds at will. Some net loan platform platform bosses from the platform for enterprise management, borrowing tens of millions, to achieve self occupied by risk, no control and no one takes, hidden behind a huge risk capital can only fall on the investor’s head.

, in fact, the P2P loan has changed its taste in China, and its real market demand has not been excavated in the rural market. The fund-raising fraud in the name of P2P has been surging, but the real gold mine has been forgotten.

The origin and dissimilation of

, P2P loans

Now we say

P2P loan, Bangladeshi banker to the poor, Mohamed Yunus (Muhammad Yunus) of the invention, which he won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006, he initiated and developed the "new model" of a micro loan of Grameen Bank, for because of poverty and are unable to get traditional bank loans to entrepreneurs, the actual improve the poverty of rural bangladesh.

The origin of

P2P is in the rural areas, and its emergence is to solve the rural areas which are not covered by the traditional credit system and to solve the capital requirements of small-scale farming.

to China, most of the P2P companies do not do the tedious small loan market in rural areas, but instead undertake the city credit business.

We see

, P2P project accident, the basic personal financing platform in the P2P and P2P platform to set up a big project to the use of funds, the risk depends on the success of this project, and some P2P simply false items to attract funds. With a high interest rate, refunding, into illegal fund-raising in fact.

wait until the money chain cannot carry on expansion, many funds run away, doing the dream of getting rich investors.

from the perspective of interest rates, it is difficult for normal industrial and agricultural production to obtain such high annual rate of return, the real high interest rates, low-risk good project, it is not difficult to obtain the bank

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