Where should go from here

has been a personal webmaster for 3 years, a little achievement, can be described as useless, investment is greater than the harvest, think of all depressed, from the beginning to say.

05 years, officially entered the ranks of individual stationmaster, I was engaged in technology, it will be ASP, do stand, while working side, do stand, then better to do more, make a stand, add more articles, Baidu will be included, there is traffic, then hang a union on advertising can money, remember that time hanging like film and customized ringing tone, alliance, great, I was at that time is 2000 or 3000 IP, with 30 yuan a day or so, think now, the station, for now, is not what station is very disorderly, very complicated. What things are, not professional.

to 06 years, moving the pipe tightly, the class will not customized ringing tone, film alliance has to die, and then a new content, alliance, SEO do not know me at that time, the domain name has two level domain name to Content Alliance, Goodfellas, domain name Baidu K, this station it will fall down, not up.

The reason,

think failure is mainly to Wangzhuan is not understand, no messing around, what technology is to speak of, copy, paste, but the Baidu, good things, if I had died. The second half of 06, I registered 7, 8 names, do the 5 station, in my opinion is a professional master station, in the eyes, that is rubbish station, I have not used in the development of other CMS, is used to write their own procedures, ASP, but also does not generate HTML function, the total is dynamic, also do not understand, as long as there is the feeling, on the line, then slowly found a little IP, and listen to others when it comes to the GG alliance, the application, GG, on GG, now feel that time is much higher price than it is now, to 50usd, for pin, can in the dead, took 3 months, just received, I almost gave up, until 07 years, in December, received the first $202usd, with more than 1 years, I am dizzy, however, is not much better, we all know that at the end of 07, GG advertising instead, click Area is small, click rate plummeted, income naturally changed less, poor ah.

07 years, I have a total of 5 stations, but did not earn what money, cost estimation and spatial domain can be flat, that is to say, I spend time and energy, are all in vain, so, one to 08 years, I was abolished in 4 of them, leaving only one. It is life, knowledge network (www.sh456.cn), the original Baidu included more than 20000, then overnight become included only 1 pages, so at that time, Baidu like crazy, a collection of thousands, once again only 1 pages, only in recent months stable point has been included in 1000 pages or so, not growth, not reduce, GG included, more than 6000, is not what IP >

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