To be a success for others to do the wedding dress of the local station

as a successful local webmaster, it is difficult to have their own unique content, there are local characteristics of the content. Local web site than the integrated site, people can find content, modify, send to your station, can local website? Such as: Baoding 123, is not it can do,


because it is what happens there is not local events, engage in mechanically into their own, it is better to make it, you say it


in order to make the site have local characteristics, it is necessary to start with local characteristics. Founded in the early site, to learn to give others to do the wedding dress. The wedding dress to do? What is the purpose of the wedding dress? The purpose is very clear, is to increase the original content, improve your weight. Another is to show local characteristics to users. Such as: Baoding 123 website, in some well-known local businesses do free wedding – interview. Because I am the master, is the small town of the native people in rural areas. So I went to the county (Baoding Laishui) some of the more famous businessmen to visit, and then visited the business information into the interview content, issued to Baoding 123, the content must first publish on its website, and then search engines and then forwarded to other sites. Of course, if a kind friend is reproduced directly from you, there is no other way. We have the following advantages in doing so:

1, businesses are willing to do this, because they are excellent free promotional opportunities, will be very active cooperation, and provide you with some text or picture information. Because in their hearts, publicity and promotion of the brand is to pay. They will never miss such an opportunity.

, 2 sites have their own original content, true story, is well documented, for the visitors can be said to be tangible. Or some of the visitor’s friends have been in touch with the merchant. This content, I think the search engine should also have great attraction to do. What about you,


for others to do the wedding dress will be very tired, very hard, but if you understand a bit will not feel so hard, for the best interests of their own efforts, which will be bitter and tired? China have a saying: eat bitter, leading to human. The same is true of standing. My Baoding 123 has already made its first phase, and the contents of the second and third phases are already available. In the light of every Monday’s practice, there should be no big problems at the moment. Of course, make full use of contacts.

some friends will ask, you do so, such as traffic flow, you give people free publicity, who are willing to pay for advertising? Monday, a year down only 54, the rest of the big Baoding? If only the 54 home? You think again, etc. traffic, you have no way to free to pay? If there is no such skill, you still don’t stand. Because the station does not seem to fit you.

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